New Motorhomes - Plateau


Spacious Kitchen
With a kitchen counter top spanning over seven feet (with extensions) every camp cook will be envious. A Dometic microwave is located just above the Dometic three cubic foot three-way refrigerator, which is conveniently located at waist level. The stainless steel fridge front smartly coordinates with the stainless steel sink and two burner LP stove. You’ll find ample storage for everything you need in the multitude of drawers and cupboards.

Private Bathroom
The Plateau private bathroom is the largest in the Pleasure-Way line up. This separate bathroom, which is a feature usually found in larger motorhomes, showcases a Thetford flush toilet, shower, medicine cabinet, vanity with sink and storage, and a 110-volt plug.

Endless Possibilities
One clear advantage of the Plateau is the layout of the sleeping quarters. By situating the sleeping area in the rear of the coach, the inconvenience of splitting the kitchen and bathroom facilities is avoided. In mid-coach sleeping situations, when you need to get up in the middle of the night, you may need to crawl over the bed to use the washroom and crawl over it again to get a drink of water. It is impossible to perform these feats without either disturbing your partner or getting quite a workout! With the Plateau, you can be assured that everything you need is right in front of you. The Plateau offers two choices of rear sleeping arrangements. The TD floorplan features a dinette by day and the choice of two single beds or a queen-size bed by night. The TS offers a power sofa with two three-point seat belts plus a center lap belt. With a push of a button, the sofa lays flat and combined with the two ottomans, gives you either two single beds or one queen-size bed.

Back Up Camera
Optional Back Up Camera with 5.5” black & white LCD Display.

Behind the Wheel
When sitting behind the wheel, the Mercedes Benz Electronic Stability Program technology assists the driver in extreme situations with a combination of traction control, anti-lock braking and yaw control to provide enhanced driver control in all weather conditions.

Plateau - QTVR 360° (255Kb)



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